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FOURCUBE Morphic Protake

By Jonathan Weinreich


Launched at Gear Fest 2022.

The early morning was very gusty, but things settled down for a glorious day at Gear Fest 2022. Bryan organised a magnificent event and it was a pleasure to take part, and meet face to face with exhibitors and the public, for the first time in so many years.

Gear Fest 2022

Gear Fest 2022

Gear Fest 2022

What a beautiful sound, you've created something of a harmonium/melodica/accordion vibe with great sonic purity… I like the way the notes emerge into existence and then recede as subtly, perfect for songwriting.

Musician Jonathan Cohen

Comments heard at Gear Fest:

Everytime your synth sounded out, it sounded so beautiful"

On hearing the mono sub slide:

Oooooooo ... oooohhhh ... yes

Historical live performances of the Morphic Protake:

FOURCUBE Morphic Protake

Some more demo videos, taken during testing:

FOURCUBE Morphic Protake

FOURCUBE Morphic Protake

Protake detail

Current delivering in limited volumes while the copy protection service is being developed.

My drive has gone far beyond obsession. For seven years I’ve dedicated myself to building a top end synthesiser, aimed at professionals, allowing them to achieve the level of response and intonation that they'd expect from an exquisite musical instrument set-up by a master craftsman. At long last, I'm able to share my vision. To arrive at this point, I've had to develop a new language capable of expressing the complexity of the application, engineer the oscillator and filter code, and finally develop Protake articulation technology.

Dr Jonathan Weinreich PhD


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FOURCUBE Morphic Protake